Your special day deserves to be everything you ever imagined it to be and more. We want to create life memories for you, to capture those little moments that you’ll cherish for life  From stunning group shots to fully capturing the surroundings of your beautiful occasion and location, we can get some beautiful angles of the happy couple magically showing off the stunning dress. From booking to the final presentation case we will work with you to get the images or film you really want and we’ll use our experience to help deliver those special moments.

Firstly we arrange a pre-flight plan visit, this is for you and if you have a ground photographer to attend at your venue, this is so we can get the very best for you and your perfect day. We aim to be discrete and understand how you want your wedding to be unique and magical, so we strive to ensure your photos, film or both showcase that and help you keep those life memories forever. From then its on to the big day, we wont bother you or push for you anything we will aim to be discrete and inform your guests what we are doing.

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One of the greatest abilities of a UAV (drone) is capturing aerial shots that previously would have been impossible without a massive budget; you no longer have to try and push everyone together for a group shot, you can take a full wedding party picture from the air or a breathtaking 4K film of people helping you celebrate your day.

The technology used to make state of the art drones is outstanding, producing the highest quality pictures and video effortlessly. You don’t even need to hope for good weather, the drone sensors will ensure that even a harsh burst of wind isn’t going to send it off track. A drone can offer so much more than standard photography options, let your day be truly magical and capture it from the air.


After that magical day has passed we’ll email you a proof to view online, if you have any changes we’ll make them, to ensure you get the very best. Then we’ll put it into one of our presentation boxes and deliver it with all the best wishes and happiness for the future.