At Hawk-Eye Vision we offer a unique but fantastic service for schools, we create great new angles and perspectives to photography and film to really bring things to life.

Bored of the standard promotional VT or photo’s on your school website? Well we can offer a promotional  film flying through the grounds and showcasing the school for what it really is, Which will give the school a whole new look in a way people will never have seen before that will help promote your school and its community.


How about a whole school photo from above? We offer a full school photo or full year groups, without going to the expense of bringing in tiered seating. Which can run into  £1000’s, Even an aerial photo of the building and the all the pupils and staff to be kept and framed. This can be set up for family to order online so no form filling or money collection with a profit share for the school.

While we are at the school we can offer Mapping to create a 3d image, great if you are having work to renovate or new buildings. It’s truly a great way to monitor progress or full building inspection,  showing roof conditions, guttering and all the other areas that are normally difficult to reach or expensive to scaffold.


But at Hawk-Eye Vision we don’t stop there we want to innovate schools and promote the safe use of UAV/UAS (Drones) so using a group of qualified teachers we have created the exciting Junior Pilot Academy programme, that can either be used by large groups in the hall or to individual classes, we’ll take them through all the uses of UAV and some History, then will look at the Drone code then the exciting bit, If you get in touch we’ll let you know what that is!

That combined with making your school photo’s far more exciting and a lot more engaging, get in touch with us at now and move with technology, innovation and engage with our future generation.

We are CRB checked and carry out a full risk assessment prior to attending, along with planning with staff how to get the very best from Hawk-Eye Vision for you school and all its children. We want to help educate how great things can be carried out with UAV (Drones) but safely and responsibly.