Drone Mapping, Inspections and Surveys

Gathering Data for Mapping, Inspections or Survey is a crucial part of our business and we pride ourselves on working with our clients to get the correct data and the correct end product. Photogrammetry with latest technology can gather data to suit our clients requirement we can work within a range of 0.82 cm/px to 3.29 cm/px by varying our altitude.


  • A GSD of 5 cm means that one pixel in the image represents 5 cm on the ground (5*5 = 25 square centimeters).
  • A GSD of 10 m means that one pixel in the image represents linearly 10 m on the ground (10*10 = 100 square meters).

From the data we can create

  • Point Cloud
  • 2/3D image
  • Othomosaic
  • Index maps

This all works toward working more efficently with our client, we can make the data more accurate by using GCP’s (Ground Control Points) or we can simply provide with all the data captured for you to interpret. All of this is safer, as it means less time on site and it’s more effficent as the flight routes are pre programed so the exact same route can be flown again to perfectly show any changes. Which is great alternative to time lapse.

Many surveyors are enlisting priceless help from UAV (drone) pilots, not only to make their checks more efficient but to gain a degree of assurance that has never been seen before. We can overlay CAD drawings onto photo’s or produce a 2/3D image of an area.



Roof Inspections

We can overfly the roof taking on a pre set pattern and provide a full report or login so you can access the report giving all the dimensions and status of the roof this is a fantastic tool to go back your contractor, loss adjuster or other parties. As it is accurate without any guess work. We can also provide thermal imagery to give an accurate display of heat loss helping with claims or funding bids. Get in touch to find out more.


For Agriculture we can conduct plant counts, supply data for an agronomist and so much more.


One of the main uses of drones during surveys is to get a clear and crisp visual on the areas that are considered to be high risk and could possibly be dangerous to personally inspection and very costly. UAV (Drone)s can provide accurate video footage of hard to reach places such as the roof of a commercial or residential property without the need for expensive scaffolding or professional specialist equipment. We can then give a detailed report with dimensions and even costs for insurance quotes.


The ability to provide not only recorded footage but also a live feed of the problem areas means inspections can be carried out from the ground – promoting increased safety as well as a much lower cost alternative to the classic approach.

Let us help you find the safest, Leanest and most efficent way to conduct your mapping, Inspection or surveys, contact us now enquiries@hawk-eye-vision.uk