Great Imagery isn’t a nice to have it’s a necessity to promote your Business or Event !


We offer a full event photography package ranging from Corporate events, Awards events, Promotional Shoots, Headshots, Web content and any other requirement you may have.


Events such as Cycling, Motor-cross, Snowboarding, Surfing, Sailing, Running based and all sorts of sporting events. Also a great way to share Corporate days, Training days or Team building events.


As well as providing ground based photography we can match it with stunning aerial imagery, UAV (drones) are extremely versatile, and can safely be flown at set distances from the crowd. For a larger event or number of over a 1000 people, which will really complement your ground-based photos to impress, drones can provide viewers a unique ‘birds eye’ view, which simply is not always possible with traditional methods.



If your event encompasses a large space with several activities, a drone can display the latest happenings on a large screen for all to see. What also comes with a drone is creativity; aerial imagery looks impressive alongside our stunning ground imagery.


The footage produced by our Cameras and UAV (drone), can be a great marketing tool for any event organiser to place on their website. There is no better way to advertise your event than to give potential attendees a taste of what to expect. We can work with you to create build up footage pre-event to increase visitors and ticket sales. We can deliver to all social media platforms, just let us know which you want or have the lot, we are fine with that. All that and we are environmentally friendly with Zero emissions.