Well as we draw to the end of our first year we have a really fantastic start as business and we have some major plans for what we offer for 2019 and beyond.


But first what have we been up to recently we have been very busy with roof inspections and have now started to work with Scopito for all our detailed reports, which on it’s on is a fantastic new venture. So now we can offer full detailed photo’s, Film and a detailed roof report.


We can also now offer a full 360 Photography and film package which can also be stitched in to a full Virtual tour and we have completed our first of many exhibition halls both internally and externally. With more to follow in the New Year this service can be utilised by so many whether that’s the Property industry, Leisure Industry or Showcasing your own premises. New page coming to website in the New Year Showcasing the full tour.360pic2

Also at the Exhibition halls we flew internally and captured some amazing footage and also used our ground camera’s to capture all the marketing space, Which is another service we can offer using our Sony A7 RIII Camera, so we can catch amazing aerial footage backed up with awe inspiring ground footage all this then combined into a fully edited package to suit the clients needs. Every project to us is a story and we will build a story board with our clients whether thats a roof inspection, Promotional Film or a Wedding.


So some really exciting projects to come in 2019 and a massive year, We would like to Thank all of our Clients from this year and all of the Network groups we are part of and we look forward to further building our relationships and making our businesses prosper with exciting new projects.





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