Another great week of UAV (Drone) work with plenty of roof inspections all completed with a detailed report saving our clients thousands. Get in touch for more details now



Then to capturing a fantastic business network meeting with the fantastic BoB Business Over Breakfast at Droitwich and coming soon the Stourbridge meeting. A truly great business network, with some great business being passed and a chance to showcase what we can do.


Something i get asked a lot “Why use Hawk-Eye Vision Ltd”

Whats the difference between someone who goes and buys a drone from a shop or someone that flies them as hobby to just take some photo’s or Film and Hawk-Eye Vision Ltd?

Well while there is nothing wrong with someone using Drones as part of a hobby, that’s how Hawk-Eye Vision started out but then we invested a lot of time and money to get specialist training conducted by Fly By Technology. The instructors varied from EX RAF  or serving Pilots with decades worth of quality experience and knowledge, this provided an excellent mindset and knowledge of what goes on in the sky, from which the realisation that everything has a reason. From here we went to pass a theory flight examination and then taking and passing a  Flight examination with CAA approved instructors. With all the exams and flight tests done we wrote a full operations manual which can be viewed by any of our clients or proposed clients, this states how we abide by the ANO Air Navigation Order 2018 and we assess all the variables in flying safely. After submitting these results and our Operations manual we gained Civil Aviation Authority approval and  were given our CAA accreditation number 7080.


To do this we have to be fully insured which we are with Cover Drone with up to £5 Million Public Liability Cover, Also we have an electronic flight log so each and every time we take off one of our Drones all flights are automatically logged, as is all of the maintenance to our drones.IMG_0203


We haven’t stopped their to excel in our field we have continued our training with the excellent Ely Aviation and ARC Aerial Imagery by taking a photogrammetry course to provide the very best data for Mapping, Inspections and Survey work. Also we are attending more with DroneSafe Register (As Featured on Dragons Den) whom we joined in the summer and are taking advantage of some extra learning in Cinematography and other core skills. This is something that we will always continue to do,  so we can give the very best for each and every client, While insuring each client has a fantastic experience. This along with latest editing techniques to ensure we can truly deliver an epic viewing experience.

So who would you rather fly a drone for you ?

Someone that won’t stand still and has been trained by some of the worlds elite aviation experts and continues to thrive on the experience of others in a very new but exciting industry or the person that’s just bought a drone?


Then you get to the legislation of whats the impact to my business if i use a non approved drone operator?

Well if they aren’t insured to work commercially, if something does go wrong, the bill will land with you and potentially a hefty fine for not using an approved pilot.


Hawk-Eye Vision Ltd are proud members of the DroneSafe register a database of approved and insured pilots.


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