So at Hawk-Eye-Vision Ltd we don’t believe in standing still, We have been through a huge learning curve since forming earlier this year and so we decided to move from a static site to one we could control and change as we go along. Plus we get to write a blog and keep you guys informed of whats new, What we are offering and what we have been up to.

WOW what a busy period its been we did our first Wedding with lots more now booked for the future, Attended our first wedding fair which was a huge success.

We have filmed events, clips for documentaries, Wildlife reserves, Football stadiums and thats before we get to all the training we took part in with Ely Aviation and ARC Aerial Images over in Cambridge. What a great course these guys offer for Aerial Mapping,inspections and surveys. From there we have been carrying out roof inspections and have been mapping ground for a local landowner. Now we move into Business networking and over the next 4 weeks we have all sorts of events from Breakfast meets to Speed dating to attending our first Business conference on the 30th October at the Wolverhampton Business Show. Come and see us we’ll be showing off our brand new show reel show with the range of projects we can offer our clients and we are always open to new challenges. We have also finished creating the Junior Pilot Academy which is now ready to roll into schools.

I have found most of my conversations around using UAV (Drones) create light bulb moments for people, who have never thought of using the technology and the software, Why would you put people on a damaged roof to inspect it? When i can keep two feet on the ground and capture very accurate data and provide detailed reports in a very quick timescale, Also why pay a fortune on scaffolding again for something we can get you detailed data and reports for.

Things got really busy from there and i’m sure we will be involved in a lot more with them in the coming years. Have a look at what Peter Jones had to say after investing.

Peter Jones on Drone Safe Register


Also we are investing in new technology and have ordered the DJI M210 able to carry two camera the Z30 Zoom camera and the X5S so you truly can get the best of two fantastic camera’s and up to 30 mins flight time.

See our up and coming new drone

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